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Evidence links for self management and self direction 

The literature clearly reports an overwhelming view that self managed budgets have a positive impact on recipients and their carers. This positive impact is thought to be related to:

  • Increased choice and control over their care and support services
  • Greater service flexibility and creative services
  • Improvements in outcomes such as self-esteem, self-confidence, sense of purpose and quality of life.
  • Improved relationships between funders/policy makers and service users and their family/substitute decision maker.

For more general information on self management and evaluations of its effectiveness, browse the following links. 

Research Papers

  • The website for  the Federal Department of Family, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs with links also to the paper above and other related resources.
  • "Final report: Funding and Service Options for People with Disabilities" Authors Chenoweth and Clements.
  • The website for In Control Australia.  In Control provide a range of information and resources on individualised funding. 
  • A briefing paper by Advocacy Tasmania "Individualised Funding for People with Disabilities: the scope for development in Tasmania".  Author M. Bleasdale.
  • The website for the Department of Health New Zealand offers a range of resources on individualised funding.
  • An article on "Direct Individualised Funding for Autism: What is that?"
  • The website for the Social Care Institute for Excellence has a range of useful infromation and resources.
  • Conference Paper "Empowerment Through Individualised Funding". Author M. Bleasdale.
  • Discussion paper on "Direct Payments for People with Disabilities in Ireland.  Author E. Flynn.
  • The website for Queensland Parents for People with Disabilities also hosts a range of useful resources.

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